Geri Halliwell Splits from Boyfriend Henry Beckwith

It's split time: Geri won't put up with her boyfriend's excessive partying anymore.

Geri Halliwell splits from her boyfriend Henry Beckwith after nearly two and a half years together.

The former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell and her boyfriend reportedly split due to rows about his excessive partying.

“Geri came to the realisation that things weren’t going to work with Henry. The age gap meant he had a wandering eye when it came to other women and he was interested in partying. She doesn’t trust him.”-a source told The Sun.

Henry, son of millionaire property developer Sir John Beckwith, was pictured holding a hands with another woman last year while leaving a nightclub, but Geri forgave him. Bad boyfriend and a bad decision.

Reportedly the British aristocrat 32, did not want to settle down, and be a father to Bluebell, Geri Halliwell’s five-year-old daughter.

Geri Halliwell already has a long list of former boyfriends, including Robbie Williams, Chris Evans and Italian multiillionaire Fabrizio Politi.

The singer is said to be with her sister Natalie now, to settle her thoughts after the split.

Ginger Geri Halliwell is single again. She splits from her boyfriend millionaire Henry Beckwith