Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twins to make TV Debut

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Twins make TV Debut

Sneak peak: The twins of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will make their TV debut in two days.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are close to introducing their 6-month-old twins, to the world. The babies will make their TV debut during an interview with newswoman Barbara Walters, who was invited to chat to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and meet the twins in their New York home.The babies, nicknamed Roc and Roe, will be finally seen on 20/20 on Friday, Oct. 21 at 10 p.m. ET.

The diva gave birth to daughter Monroe and son Moroccan on 30 April, the same day the couple celebrated its third wedding anniversary, but the tots have been kept hidden from the spotlight, until now.

“Mariah and Nick recently sat down with Barbara Walters in their New York apartment to discuss Mariah’s pregnancy, their marriage, their beautiful baby twins Monroe and Moroccan and much more.”-Carey confirmed the news on her blog.

A photo of the babies was unveiled, but doesn’t show the twins’ faces yet. Being held by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Monroe is dressed in a puffy white dress and Moroccan is sporting a suave camel-colored blazer. Maybe we couldn’t see their faces yet, but at least we know the twins’ style.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twins to make TV Debut

Watch Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twins TV debut and the whole interview with the happy parents on 20/20 (Oct. 21 at 10 p.m. ET.)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually Dating

Jennifer lopez and Bradley Cooper casually dating

Dating? Jennifer Lopez tried to hide her face from the paparazzi, as she and Bradley Cooper were spotted together again.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez continue to be romantically linked. When the two stars were recently spotted having a cozy little romantic dinner at Per Se in New York, rumors flew fast that they were dating, but both claimed it was just business.

A woman who is said to be no one else but American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was surprisingly shy and hiding, while out with Bradley Cooper on Saturday (15.10.11) She shielded her face as she sat in the passenger seat of the actor’s car as they drove around Los Angeles. He also covered his face but ultimately had to reveal himself to keep his eyes on the road while in control of the jeep.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually Dating

Pick-a-boo...Guess who: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez "casually dating"

Sources told the site that although they are not in a serious relationship and calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, they are spending quality time together.

“After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch. She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh.”-a source told People.

Jennifer Lopez ended her seven-year marriage to Latin singer Marc Anthony earlier this year and they have three-year-old twins Max and Emme. Bradley Cooper was dating actress Renee Zellweger for two years, before ending their relationship in March this year.

Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually dating

Dating or not they look so good together: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez.

Mike Myers becomes a Dad for the First Time

Mike Myers becomes a dad for the first time

Proud parents: Austin Powers star Mike Myers becomes a dad for the first time

Funnyman Mike Myers has become dad for the first time, after his wife Kelly Tisdale gave birth to a baby boy, named Spike. The actor’s publicist has confirmed the Canadian-born comedian/writer’s wife, Kelly, has given birth to their first child. The couple, who have been together since 2006, married last fall in a secret ceremony.

“He is healthy and his parents are ecstatic”-Mike Myers rep. told the entertainment news Web site.

Since 2010’s “Shrek Forever After,” the actor and first time dad, has been noticeably absent from the Hollywood spotlight, perhaps due to this new marriage and Tisdale’s pregnancy, which was announced in May.

Mike Myers, 48, started dating the New York cafe owner, shortly after splitting from his first wife, comedy writer-and-actress Robin Ruzan, after 12 years of marriage.They did not have any children together.

As for Myers’ movie plans, the first time dad is scheduled to appear in three films in 2012, including the Warner Bros. live action/computer-animated adaptation of “Marvin the Martian.”

Congratulations on the baby!

Mike Myers becomes a dad for the first time

Yeah baby: Mike Myers-first time dad.

Sasha Baron Cohen (The Dictator) Relaxes amid Film-Making

Taking much needed break from film-making: Sasha Baron Cohen enjoys company of his family

Actor Sasha Baron Cohen, known for his outrageous on-screen characters Borat and Ali G, was spotted taking some time off from filming his movie ‘The Dictator’, with wife Isla Fisher, and their two daughters, Olive 3, and Elula born last summer.

Dad Sasha kept his precious girls amused while relaxing in downtown Manhattan.

The actor and comedian is famous for playing his extremely controversial roles, so it’s nice to see him being a normal dad, chilling under the sun with his family.

Sasha Baron Cohen is currently working on his new film ‘The Dictator‘ and, as usual, causing a bit stir in New YorkIn the movie, the comedian plays a Hussein-like dictator who is secretly replaced by a lookalike goat herder and must rebuild his life in New York City, playing both roles of course.

‘The Dictator’ is being directed by Larry Charles, who also helmed previous Sasha’s films, Bruno and Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Sasha and Isla secretly married in Paris last year, after getting together nearly eight years ago. The actress 34, even converted to Juadaism in early 2007 so she and the comedian could wed.

“I would do anything – move into any religion – to be united in marriage with him. We have a future together, and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned.”-the Australian actress said.

Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher tied the knot in a small sunset service attended by a few close family members.

Sasha Baron Cohen plays Hussein-like dictator in his latest film.

David Copperfield is dad (16 months later)

Secretly a dad: David Copperfield and his model girlfriend Chloe Gosselin have a daughter 16 months old

David Copperfield became a dad to a girl named Sky, 16 months ago. The world’s most famous illusionist always knows how to make the audience entertained.

David Copperfield 54, and his girlfriend Chloe Gosselin, 26 were spotted for the first time with their daughter around New York, the Bahamas and Las Vegas last month.

“Forget vanishing the Statue of Liberty, David’s next illusion will be disappearing the dirty diaper. A lot more practical.”-his spokesperson confirmed.

David hasn’t spoken of being a dad to a baby daughter until now.

The illusionist is currently taking part in a magic show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, and he is was recently ranked as the 10th highest paid entertainer in the world according to Forbes magazine.

As well as his work as an illusionist, David Copperfield is also involved with his own Project Magic charitable scheme, where illusionists work with occupational therapists to help with the rehabilitation of people with physical problems.

“It’s a programme that uses magic as a form of therapy for people with disabilities, where magic is taught to patients in hospitals to help them regain their dexterity and their coordination by learning sleight of hand, in addition to boosting the patient’s self-esteem by giving them a skill that an able-bodied person doesn’t even have.”-David explained.

Baby Sky will learn much about tricks and secrets from her dad. David Copperfield kept in secret his daughter for 16 months.

Madonna fan denies Breaking into her House

Madonna's house in Marylebone, where the fan broke into.

Madonna fan Grzegorz Matlok, 30, allegedly used a rope to climb up to the balcony of the heavily-fortified, ten-bedroom Georgian townhouse in Marylebone in March. He pleaded not guilty to three counts of burglary for breaking into singers house.

Matlok was arrested on March 12, after being wrestled to the ground by bodyguards at Madonna’s home. The fan was found clutching several of her possessions, but the only item he was accused of stealing, was a can of Red Bull energy drink, valued by the prosecution at £2.40.

“Something dreadful has happened here. The security around the world’s most famous pop star should be impregnable.”-senior police source said.

Grzegorz was subsequently declared unfit for trial and sent for mental evaluation. Yesterday a judge remanded him in custody and fixed a trial date for September 12.

Madonna was not in the house at the time, having taken her four children, Lourdes, 14, Rocco, 10, Mercy, six, and five-year-old David to Bay City, Michigan to pay her respects to her late grandmother Elsie Mae Fortin.

Six months ago Madonna, 52, was targeted by a man who was arrested outside her New York apartment carrying two knives.

Madonna fan denies Breaking into her House. He was only accused of stealing a can of Red Bull.