Lindsay Lohan to Join Celebrity Big Brother?

Lindsay Lohan to Join Celebrity Big Brother?

Will Lindsay Lohan join UK Celebrity Big Brother?

Lindsay Lohan is in talks to join the UK Celebrity Big Brother and producers have flown to LA to lure her over the Atlantic. The troubled actress is said to be close to signing on the dotted line with Channel 5, if the US courts allow her to leave the country.

“Lindsay would be an absolutely amazing signing for us. She’s a fiery character too, so there are sure to be a some major clashes with other celebrities if we get her in the house.”-a source told the Sunday Mirror.

Crew members have already started shooting background footage of Lindsay Lohan, 25, in preparation for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother in January. The Freaky Friday actress reportedly sees the TV deal as the perfect way to relaunch her flagging career, following in the footsteps of 2011 housemate Tara Reid.

However Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal troubles could still stop her from leaving US to film Celebrity Big Brother in UK. The show is scheduled to start shooting in January 2012, while the actress is currently serving community service in LA for a 2011 probation violation. Still the TV bosses remain optimistic:

“We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren’t many more controlled ­environments than the Big Brother house.”-an insider told DailyMail.

Lindsay Lohan to Join Celebrity Big Brother?

If US courts allow Lindsay Lohan will join Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Jude Law doesn’t want being Called a “Celebrity”

Trying to life a normal life, Jude Law and his kids on the playground

Actor Jude Law has admitted he went through a period of hating everyone as he struggled with flops and a failed marriage.

He has 3 children Rafferty, 14, Iris, 10, and eight-year-old Rudy from his previous wife Sadie Frost. The actor says he is out of the rut – and all he loathes now is being called a “celebrity”.

“It puts me in the same bracket with people who have won reality shows and chefs and socialites.”-Jude Law says.

He tries to lead as normal a life as he possibly can as he thinks that will reduce the attention he receives in his personal life and still uses public transport with his family.

” I still enjoy a very normal life with my kids. We use trains and busses and that’s often the best way. If you build up some sort of psychological bubble around you, I think you’re asking for trouble” -he adds.

Despite his worldwide fame, Jude Law insists he doesn’t think of himself as a “celebrity” because he doesn’t seek attention.

“I hate the word celebrity, which means I’m in some messy, mushy sort of bracket with people who have won reality shows and chefs and socialites and it’s just not something I see myself as.”

Jude Law hates being called a celebrity, that word means nothing to him