Is Beyonce Pregnant For The Second Time?

Reporters state that the star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are preggers with their second baby already. They already have a 5 month old baby named Blue Ivy. She is apparently 2 months pregnant right now and that they are hoping the baby is a boy. The blabbermouth of a source connected to the musician married couple told MEDIATAKEOUT.COM that Beyonce will most likely verify the ongoing news by the end of the summer. The famous pair have not confided in a lot of individuals about their news.

Informants have also told press that Beyonce has once again began taking regularly folic acid pills and most women know that those kind of pills are only consumed when a woman plans on becoming pregnant or is currently pregnant.  If the Hollywood couple is preggo again, Beyonce will continue to take the rest of the year off from her singing. Do you think she is preggo again?