Toddlers and Tiaras Needs To Be Banned From Television!

The American Reality Series Toddlers & Tiarras originally debuted on TLC back in 2009. Since the air of the show it has received much scrutiny. The show shows what really goes on behind the scenes of these famous child beauty pageants. It shows everything from the out of control parents to spoiled temper tantrum little girls. These parents go to all extents to try and ensure their child wins. They put in fake hair, put on a pound of makeup, and even false teeth. Not too mention that most of the outfits that they select for these young girls to wear would make your head spin.

Recently they aired a show that shows a 3 year old girl dressed up as a prostitute. Yes, you read that correctly; they had a 3 year old contestant that was dressed up like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. She was wearing a white tank top that was attached to a blue mini skirt by a whoop with knee high black boots.  Another contestant that made people angry was a little girl that was dressed up as Dolly Parton with padded breast and buttocks.

Has the show gone too far? YES! What are these people really teaching these poor little kids? What kind of future do they have to look forward too? What happen to pageants being fun? Watching the behind the scene acts you can only see and believe that these parents are raising nothing more then disrespectful brats. I don’t blame the children at all since they simply don’t know any better. The comments that come out these parents mouths are shocking and down right disgusting!