Texas Governor: Rick Perry’s Past/Facts

Apparently, the Enquirer was digging for some dirt on Texas Governor: Rick Perry’s past. They scooped out some old feces but not anything of substantial significance, what we have is a number of facts.

Rick Perry led a seemingly normal childhood and adolescence. Rick Perry was born in Paint Creek, Texas and is the son of ranchers: Joseph Ray Perry and Amelia June Holt. His father was a Democrat.

Rick Perry
was not initially elected to be governor of Texas. He actually took over the spot when George W. Bush resigned to be president of the United States. I suppose, most people don’t know that, but they also, don’t know that elections are predominately rigged.

Rick Perry was a boy scout as a boy and attained the rank of Eagle Scout. (Ambitious and hungry little lad he was.)

Rick Perry was also a “yell leader,” which is the male version of a cheerleader while attending Texas A&M. In his college years he was a sheep of sorts, as he adopted the the good ole prankster antics of cliche college guys. Rick Perry once placed live chickens in the closet of an upperclassman. (Again, who really cares? He was an idiot.)

Rick Perry served in the Air Force for a short period in 1977 but shortly after his stint with the Air Force he returned home to grow cotton alongside his father. (At least he can say he served his country like every other politician.)

Rick Perry became interested in politics after the death and funeral of US Rep: Sam Rayburn. Rick Perry is a die hard Christian and is a big fan of the “death penalty.” (Ironic, huh?) Although a good, Christian man, Texas has executed approximately 234 prisoners since he’s been  the governor. (Sounds more like they have a serial killer as a governor.)

Naturally, as Christian/Conservative/Republican he’s “Pro-Life(Also Ironic, given the number of prisoners he’s executed.) When Rick Perry was asked about evolution he stated: “Well, God is how we got here. God may have done it in the blink of the eye or he may have done it over this long period of time, I don’t know. But I know how it got started.”

Rick Perry sure sounds like a deep thinker. He also, carries a concealed handgun