Louisa Holmlund: Naked Cowgirl In NYC Takes Nude Photos with Tourists for Cash

There’s a woman in New York City that is well known as the “Naked Cowgirl.” Unfortunately she was arrested for taking photos with NYC tourists while completely nude for the exception of her “cowgirl” hat and some pasties on her privates and accepting cash for the photos.

The Naked Cowgirl’s name is, Louisa Holmlund which was busted while doing her “thing,” which is posing naked with tourists in Times Square and taking photos for the fascinated tourists of NYC.

Louisa Holmlund, the Naked Cowgirl of NYC was taken under custody because she doesn’t have a valid license to charge money for her pictures. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the fact that she was nude. After the charming, “Naked Cowgirl” was released from jail she went on her Facebook and she wrote: “I still have my pasties on and who cares about a little jail smell right? Let’s get f**king naked ;)

Apparently, Louisa Holmlund a.k.a. “Naked Cowgirl” was not scared from this arrest and most likely she’ll attain the license that’s needed to assume back her position as a popular entertainer for the tourists of New York City.