‘Our Idiot Brother’ Review

‘Our Idiot Brother’ will hit theaters on August 26,2011. This film is comedy staring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Mortimer. The film was writte based off the lives of Jesse and Evegenia Peretz’s. Evegenia Pertz teamed up with David Schisgall to write the script and based of the trailers it’s sure to have us laughing our butts off and shaking our head. They couldn’t have picked a better title for this film. After all you’d have to be an idiot to deal cannabis to a police office in a uniform.

Paul Rudd plays the role of Ned who is an idealist that only sees the good in people. He gets arrest for selling cannabis to a uniformed cop only to get released on good behavior and be left with nothing. While he was incarcerated his girlfriend left him leaving him now homeless. He returns home only to disrupt the lives of his three sisters (Miranda who is career driven and uptight, Natalie who is a bisexual hipster in a troubled relationship and Liz who has her focus so much on being a great mom that she fails to realize her marriage is slipping away).