Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Two Aussie Ladies?

Since Leonardo DiCaprio and the lovely Blake Lively broke up which was not very long ago and it seems that Leonardo DiCaprio has moved on to even younger women and to a different continent. It seems like the good looking dude can’t get enough of hot, young Aussie women.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in Sydney filming his new film, “The Great Gatsby,” directed by Bazz Luhrmann. He’s been hitting the clubs in particular he’s been a frequent guest at the Beach Haus nightclub where he’s been spotted meeting tons of Aussie women.

First He seemed to be digging, America’s Next Top Model former contestant: Alyce Crawford who happens to be 21 years old. However, a rep, Leonardo DiCaprio says that he is not dating this Aussies model, so I suppose it’s safe to say it was a hot, Aussie hook up. Next and just a couple days later he was linked to yet another Australian model: Knedal Shuler who is 20 years old.

These two, according to sources had met previously in Los Angeles, but the rumors of him dating anyone are supposedly not true. According to inside sources, Leonardo DiCaprio is only in Sydney, Australia filming his upcoming movie: “Gatsby” and has not hooked up with half of Australia as of yet.

Well, whoever gets their hands on Leonardo DiCaprio better shaken him up and give him a party pill. Honestly, Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively looked terribly bored. Are Leonardo DiCaprio’s roles getting to him and depressing him, perhaps? Forever and a day he plays roles of this doomed love, from “Romeo and Juliet” to “Titanic” to “Revolutionary Road” to even “Inception.” But he is so good at it. He’s one dude that can always squeeze a tear out of me.

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