Joan Collins: Sex is Secret to Looking Young!

Joan Collins' secret to looking young: Sex!

Joan Collins 78, has always been the epitome of style and glamour. The Dynasty star insists you cannot underestimate ”the importance of sex when it comes to looking young and feeling good” as you get older.

She says it’s important for women’s happiness and appearance to practise sex a lot. Five-times married Joan Collins, still has a kitten face, a sparkle of a cherished woman and a sexpot’s curves.

The actress also insists that you don’t need to go under the knife to stay young and attractive, having skill with a make-up brush is just as effective.

In an extract from her book ‘The World According to Joan” she shares her thoughts on everything from parenting to bad manners to politics. But when it comes to looking young Joan Collins says:

“Many of the world’s most celebrated women have been sexually active well into middle age and beyond.

“It is every adult’s prerogative to enjoy sex (although young people may not agree).”

Joan Collins, who married Percy Gibson in 2002, said that despite her age they still practice sex a lot:

“Of course we have sex. Sex does get better as you get older, and obviously, one is not living a celibate life when one is married to a gorgeous 45-year-old South American.

Looking young is everyone’s wish, and Joan Collins has certainly fulfilled her own.

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