Ice Cube Reluctant To Speak About N.W.A. Breakup

After 22 years since Ice Cube abandoned N.W.A over some nasty money dispute. Ice Cube still remains reluctant to speak about the ins and outs of the situation that went down with the Rap group that consisted of: Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Eazy-E & MC Ren.

Ice Cube left the rap group in 1989 after claiming that their manager had been stealing money from his royalties. All seem well in 1995 when Eazy-E passed away. But it would have been really inappropriate to get into such discussions after the death of a fellow musician and once friend.

But it seems as though Ice Cube is still bent out of shape for whatever happened 22 years ago. He won’t talk about it. It’s like pulling teeth. This N.W.A. situation kind of reminds me of “Bahaus.”

Though Bahaus is a completely different genre of music the situation is similar in nature. Bahuas were made legends in only a short span of being together: 1979-1983. They broke up and still till this day not Peter Murphy or the rest of the band members that went on to become Love and Rockets discuss what broke up such an amazing band.

Just like Ice Cube and the other members of N.W. A. went on to do different projects so did Peter Murphy. The only difference is that Bahaus got together in 2005 for a reunion tour and then quickly parted ways again.

Might there be a chance of N.W.A getting back together for a reunion tour? That would absolutely make so many fans happy. But it’s highly unlikely so it seems. However you can see Ice Cube in his upcoming movie: “21 Jump Street.”