Eva Longoria: Ready to Marry Eduardo Cruz!

Ready to marry: Eva Longoria considers of marrying ten years-younger Eduardo Cruz (brother of Penelope Cruz).

After a turbulent year with her first marriage over and her show Desperate Housewives cancelled, Eva Longoria feels ready to marry again.

The actress could use a reason for celebration, so why not tie the knot with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

Earlier this week, Eva Longoria attended a gala in Spain for Eva’s Heroes, a charity she started to help teens and young adults with mental disadvantages.

The people who were there didn’t see Eva much, since she was very attached to her beau Eduardo Cruz. Reports say that she and the singer treated each other like they were “the only two people in the world”, sneaking kisses and holding hands.

“I’m keeping myself very busy.”-Eva Longoria told reporter Daphne Barak in an exclusive interview.

As the actress says, the main reason for her joy says is finding true love with the decade-younger singer, Eduardo Cruz. Close friends feel the pair is ready to marry, and this time Eva Longoria will have her happy fairy-tale ending.

“Eva is very happy with Eduardo. We all should be so lucky!”-actress Maria Bravo, friend of Eva said.

Love birds Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz: Are they ready to marry?