Denise Richards and Simon Cowell were set up on Blind Date?

Simon Cowell and Denise Richards set up on a Blind date?

During a September 7 interview on the “Howard Stern Show,” Simon Cowell told the radio host he went on a “bizarre kind of blind date” with Denise Richards a short period after her split with Charlie Sheen.

“We had a bizarre kind of blind date several years ago. She turned up eight months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag.”-Cowell said.

The X Factor boss Simon Cowell said some nice words about the mother of two as well:

“She is gorgeous. I liked her a lot. I think she’s cute, funny, a bit of a wacko, but I like that”.

However the “blind date” is news to the former Bond girl, Denise Richards, and she claims their dinner was among mutual friends and insists it was not romantic.

“I was at a group dinner, eight months pregnant. Not sure how that’s considered a date! If I was being set up, I didn’t know it”.

The beautiful actress added that maybe love could bloom between her and Mr. Simon Cowell:

“s**t I wish I knew that it was a date!!! He’s a hot piece of ass! (sic)” .

Simon Cowell is now engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, while Denise Richards is currently single.

Was is a blind date or not? Denise Richards and Simon Cowell could have been a celebrity couple.

Denise Richards’ book to become a movie?

The book will reveal many details of Denise Richards' life.

Denise Richards’ book ‘The Real Girl Next Door‘ is reportedly in line to be turned into a movie. Among the other things the book features details of her previous relationship with actor Charlie Sheen, who she divorced in 2006, and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

Apparently producers are very interested interested in adapting Denise Richards’ book for the big screen.

“It has all the ingredients of a great movie. The pretty girl next door that become a Bond girl, marries a movie star and ends up choosing to raise her two daughters alone rather than pursue her career.”-an independent producer told The Huffington Post.

According to Denise Richards’ close friend the 40-year-old is more interested in relaunching her acting career than bringing her book to the big screen.

“All she ever wanted to do was tell her side of the story. She has done that and is amazed at the success of the book. She never in her wildest dreams thought she would be a New York Times best selling author.”

“And even though Charlie has said he loves the book, Denise is finally ready to start getting back into movies as an actor not as the subject matter of one.”-the friend said.

Denise Richards' book 'The Real Girl Next Door' contains all the ingredients to be a movie hit.