Dancing with the Stars to get $3 Million Makeover

Lets dance: This year's Dancing with the Stars will outshine all the previous seasons with its $3 Million makeover.

Dancing with the Stars” is reportedly getting $3 Million makeover of its dancefloor and seating area ahead of its next series. Pretty impresive!

The makeover includes triple-tiered balcony-style seating for the audience and a staircase in the middle of the stage, which can split into two halves to reveal the orchestra pit.

The producers of the show are also said to be “very excited” about the changes, which also encompass the dancefloor, which will be made into an elevated platform.

Celebrities like, ‘Jersey Shore‘ star Snooki, movie actress Queen Latifah and ‘Saved By The Bell’ actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen are among the others to appear on the next series of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ when it returns in autumn with its full $3 Million makeover.

TV star Rob Kardashian is also being lined up for the show, and will hope to do better than his sister Kim, who was eliminated after just three weeks when she competed in 2008.

Another possible contestant is George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend, Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis.

The last series winners of Dancing with the Stars were NFL player Hines Ward and his professional partner Kym Johnson.

The premier of season 13 of Dancing with the Stars is on September 19, 2011.

Whooping $3 Million makeover for the 13 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Rob Kardashian Confirmed For Dancing With The Stars: Season 13

After many rumors and much speculations, it has finally been confirmed Rob Kardashian will be joining DWTS Season 13! Rob will be the second Kardashian to join the DWTS cast. Big sister Kim Kardashian was the first to premiered on DWTS in 2008. However, she didn’t do as well as we all would have hoped for and was one of the first stars to be eliminated. Will Rob be following in her footsteps and will he become the next BIG Kardashian star?

With Kim’s big wedding day right around the corner there was some concern regarding the filming of DWTS interfering with big day. However, after some negotiations were made Rob signed on the dotted line. Rob previously made some comments regarding the rumors of him joining DWTS team. Check out the laughs he had regarding the topic…

Rob Kardashian:

“I saw something today on my Twitter which said that me and some other people were maybe going to do it but I can’t dance at all.”

“I go to the club and I can’t dance. I know my place and I know I don’t dance, but I’m very competitive and everything like that. I’m very quiet, laid back, don’t like to say much or dance much, but it would be interesting… “

“My sister lasted like a week. I was like, ‘I’ll catch you on the next one’ because I was out of town but then she was gone! I would have to do better than her!”