Rihanna Hot in White Strapless Bikini

Hot bikini babe: Rihanna in her white bikini, thrills everyone on the beach

Barbadian beauty Rihanna made her fans so happy and proud, showing off her hot body in a strapless white bikini. The 23-year-old singer took advantage of being back home on the paradise island to enjoy some watersports along with her best friends.

Wearing a life jacket and an amazing white hot bikini, Rihanna hopped on her Yamaha wave runner and took to the sea, before heading back to the beach and joining her family and friends. She has been having a wonderful time since returning to the place of her birth for a well-deserved holiday.

The hot singer prepares to hit the water on a jet-ski, Rihanna in strapless bikini a sight worth seeing

Rihanna covered up her hot bikini body, with a mesh sweater, and carried a trendy bag on the beach in Barbados

The Pregnant man was a Female Bodybuilder

The pregnant man used to be a female bodybuilder....WOW!

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie has a buff body now (right), but he’s no stranger to well sculpted body since he was once a female bodybuilder (left) … and here is a photo to prove it!

Back in 1999 before becoming a transgendered man, Beatie, the pregnant man, was in top form and posing competitively in a woman’s hot pink bikini and a serious tan that would make Snooki proud. While now back in decent shape after giving birth, the father of three appears to have transitioned effortlessly from pumping iron to pumping, er, milk.

Thomas Beatie grew up in Hawaii possessing female genitalia, but he never felt like a woman. After participating in beauty contests and working toward a black belt in a major Martial Arts discipline, Thomas decided to get reconstructive surgery in which his breasts were removed.

He also began testosterone injections to give him more masculine features. But Thomas Beatie decided to keep his ovaries and other female organs, just in case he ever wanted to have a child. The pregnant man is indeed one exceptional person. He has everything.

Worlds first pregnant man Thomas Beatie with his wife and three kids.

Lindsay Lohan’s Boob Slips Out Of Bikini Top In Miami Beach

Lindsay Lohan was in Miami Beach this week having a good old time in the ocean, when she was hit by a wave that knocked her bikini top from its correspondent place. Her boob came out but she caught it in time so that only her nipple was exposed. Either way, Lindsay Lohan handled the situation with much grace. She smiled as she lifted her strapless bikini top back into place.

You’re forgiven Lindsay, it’s Miami and its perfectly legal to go topless. Lindsay Lohan really looked great in her bikini with nipple exposed and all.