Twilight Star Kiowa Gordon Arrested For DUI

Twilight Star Kiowa Gordon Arrested For DUI on August 9, in Mesa Arizona. It is said he was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The authorities discovered that there was an active warrant against the 21 year old actor, for failure to appear in court over a previous arrest for drug paraphernalia possession and supplying alcohol to minors.

Gordon, who plays Embry Call in the Twilight Saga, was taken to the Maricopa County Jail and was charged with DUI and placed on a $1,000 bond. As of today he is still in jail and Gordon has already been scheduled for court once again on August 18.

Let’s see if he can make it to this court appearance instead of being drunk somewhere giving alcohol to little kids.

Andre Keegan Cuffed And Tasered By Police

Actor Andre Keegan was tasered and then cuffed after getting into a heated argument with the police. Apparently, according to witnesses he was having a party in Marina Del Ray when cops rolled up and asked him to turn down the volume of the music.

Andre Keegan refused and got rowdy and real aggressive with the cops and that’s when the cops through his ass on the floor and tasered him. However, Andre Keegan was never put under custody and was eventually let go. Apparently, she was really chooked up says a source due to all the electricity he was zapped with.

Law enforcement told TMZ that Andre Keegan was “uncooperative” and they say that they detained and released Andre Keegan but they never tasered him.

Sounds like “Law Enforcement” is lying, if he indeed, became so aggressive that they had to throw him on the floor and taser his ass, why didn’t they arrest him? Wild guess here, but I’m going to go ahead and say for damage control, they probably went a little crazy with the tasering and got scared…

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