Male Celebrities Before and After Hair Transplant Pictures

With hair transplant technology being as advance as it is today there’s no surprise that we are seeing more and more celebrities with full hair. While many refuse to admit it or talk about it there are a few that shed the news and aren’t afraid to speak about their process. Men have been aging well before their times for some time now. Luckily they now have a way to shed the years back off and boost their self confidence. Actor David Fleeshman said, “Whenever I look in the mirror now a younger, more confident, slightly more attractive man is looking back at me.” Former football player Clayton Blackmore said, “It slowly started to grow but all of a sudden the person in the mirror had an awful lot more hair! It’s taken years off me and I’m so pleased with it.”

Regarding concerns of what others had to say Clayton said, “Some might say it’s vain but I think we’ve all got a little bit of vanity in us.” I couldn’t agree with that statement more. Look at how many women go and have breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction, etc they do these things to help them boost their self confidence so why shouldn’t men be allowed to do the same. Women are especially celebrity women are famous for wearing wigs and hair extensions. How are men getting hair transplants much different?

Check out some before and after celebrity pictures who are believed to have had hair transplant surgery.

John Travolta

Mel Gibson

Kenvin Costner

Nicolas Cage

Gene Simmons