Hunger Games Star- Jennifer Lawrence Looking Pretty & Comfortable In Lax Airport

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Jennifer Lawrence is the pretty star from The Hunger Games, she was looking very pretty and extremely comfortable in Lax Airport in Los Angeles as she was getting ready to take a flight out of town. The young starlet sure doesn’t have to try too hard to look her best. She was wearing tight, light denim jeans, a white blouse and flats and looked simply beautiful.

Hunger Games (Book) Vs. Hunger Games (Movie)

If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games, you certainly have to. It’s a great adaptation to the book by Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games, the movie is equally moving and menacing just as the book. Unlike most adaptations of books, The Hunger Games- the movie remains true to the original story and Jennifer Lawrence sure does nail the part as “Katniss Evergreen.”

Lady Gaga in the Nude

Courtney Love Evicted from NYC Townhouse

Courtney Love Evicted from NYC Townhouse

"All I wanted was to make the house look more original"-Courtney Love evicted from her rented NYC Townhouse.

Courtney Love is being evicted from her $27,000-a-month rented townhouse in NYC, according to the New York Post. The singer has been issued with an eviction notice after the owner accused her of wrecking the historical $8m home.

Donna Lyon, the owner of the NYC Townhouse, said that Courtney Love has caused more than $100,000 worth of damage since moving in and also owes $55,000 in unpaid rent.

“Courtney has wallpapered and painted a large portion of the property without my consent.I learned about this when I wanted to sell the house and had photographs taken. I came to New York to see it and I was horrified by what she had done. The walls that had been hand-painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice-blue pain.”-the owner of the Townhouse told the paper.

Lyon, who bought the four storey NYC Townhouse through her Chicago based company Astor Street Partners, said Courtney Love was also to blame for a small fire in the house. The evicted  singer reportedly scorched her hands after a candle set fire to a curtain, in June.

The possible eviction would cap off another embattled year for the controversial singer. In March, she paid approximately $430,000 to settle a lawsuit against her by a fashion designer who claimed the singer defamed her in a series of Twitter posts. Last month Courtney Love bashed the Foo Fighters and stormed offstage after a fan held up a photo of her deceased husband, Kurt Cobain, during a concert in Brazil.

Courtney Love Evicted from NYC Townhouse

The troubled singer has been evicted from $27,000-a-month rented NYC Townhouse for causing a damage to the property.

Konnie Huq is Pregnant… and it’s a Baby Boy!

Konnie Huq is Pregnant... and it's a Baby Boy!

Konnie Huq is pregnant with her first child.

Former Xtra Factor presenter Konnie Huq is expecting her first child, a boy, with husband Charlie Brooker. The TV star, married the broadcaster/screenwriter in August of last year. Konnie Huq, 36, and her 40-year-old husband are said to be thrilled with the baby news.

“Konnie and Charlie are over the moon. It is just what they wanted and all their family are thrilled.”-a close friend to the pregnant presenter told The Sun.

Konnie Huq presented BBC One children’s show Blue Peter for just over a decade before quitting the show in 2008. She then went on to host the Xtra Factor for one series, but was dropped from the spin-off show and and was later replaced by current hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack. The pregnant star made no secret of her desire to be a mum, explaining how she had put off parenthood when she was offered the Xtra Factor hosting role last year.

“I was a bit annoyed really because I was getting ready to settle down and have babies.”-Konnie Huq said then.

We’re happy for you Konnie. Congrats!

Konnie Huq is Pregnant... and it's a Baby Boy!

Pregnant and thrilled: Konnie Huq and her husband Charlie Brooker expect their first child-a baby boy!

Cheryl Cole Dating Record Producer

Cheryl Cole Dating Record Producer

Cheryl Cole has apparently found herself a fine young man-a record producer.

Cheryl Cole is reportedly dating her record producer Patrizio Pigliapoco. The Girls Aloud beauty, 28, has largely been single since splitting from her footballer husband Ashley Cole last year.

Cheryl Cole, 28, has become “inseparable” from the 21-year-old producer and thinks he could be The One after the pair spent a number of late nights recording in his studio in Los Angeles. The former X Factor judge has been spending a lot of time in the States as she works on her next solo project.

“Cheryl and Patrizio have been together 24/7. They have really become inseparable.After a lot of near-misses when it comes to guys, Cheryl hopes this one could be the real thing.”-a source told the Daily Star.

Patrizio is seven years younger than Cheryl Cole, but it seems the age gap hasn’t stopped the pair from dating. The record producer has previously admitted he thinks the brunette beauty is “gorgeous” and “really funny”, and she has been teaching him British swear words while they work together.

“They have loved their late night sessions in the studio, just the two of them.They’ve rarely been apart and have genuinely fallen for each other. Cheryl really adores Patrizio – she loves his carefree attitude to working and to life, and can’t wait to see him again.”-the source added.

Cheryl Cole was also vaguely linked to Black Eyed Peas pal, singer Taio Cruz and her X Factor co-judge Simon Cowell.

Cheryl Cole Dating Record Producer

Patrizio Pigliapoco, the record producer Cheryl Cole is reportedly dating.

Jessica Alba Covers InStyle Australia January issue.

Jessica Alba Covers InStyle Australia January 2012

Cover girl: Jessica Alba poses for InStyle Australia January issue.

Jessica Alba shows off her post-pregnancy body on the cover of the January issue of Austarlian magazine InStyle. Photographed by Chris Colls, the gorgeous actress fronts the magazine in a gold metallic Prada Spring 2012 bodysuit and matching cover-up.

The mother of two said she felt more comfortable with herself, admitting she “didn’t make the healthiest choices” when pregnant with first daughter Honor.

“All of a sudden, I had gained over (30kg). I stopped weighing myself after that. With Haven I didn’t gain as much, so (afterward) I was closer to where I felt comfortable in my own skin.”-Jessica Alba told InStyle Australia.

The Spy Kids star even happily admits to having a nanny, and makes the shock admission that being a mother is a difficult juggling act for a working woman. Jessica Alba who welcomed her second daughter in August, told InStyle.

Jessica Alba Covers InStyle Australia January 2012

Alba on second time around motherhood: "I'm more relaxed now."

“It’s overwhelming. I don’t consider myself a lot of the time. I think a lot of mums do that, try to be everything to everyone all the time. I make mistakes. I do try to do way too much.”-the stunning actress added for InStyle Australia January 2012.

Jessica Alba, who has been married to Cash Warren for four years, also revealed for InStyle Australia that becoming a mother has been the making of her “as a person”:

“I felt completely different. I really came into myself as a person. Before, I was always working for my identity. And then you take the focus off of yourself. I was probably, definitely, a bit of a narcissist.

“When you are young and an actor and driven, it’s a bizarre state of mind to be in at times. I was so focused on things that didn’t matter at the end of the day. Now I have what I do for a living in perspective. Working was everything to me, my entire identity, and once I got to step away from it, everything changed.”-the beauty said.

You can find out more about Jessica Alba in InStyle Australia January issue.

Jessica Alba Covers InStyle Australia January 2012

The beautiful talks on motherhood in the latest issue of InStyle Australia.

Lingerie Football Players Naked for new PETA Campaign

Lingerie Football Players naked for new PETA Camapaign

The Lingerie Football Players pose naked for anti-fur PETA campaign.

The ladies of the lingerie football league have joined forces with PETA for a new anti-fur campaign. The naked beauties jumped at the chance to draw attention to the millions of animals who are abused and killed for their skins each year. Members of the Toronto Triumph team decided to lend their support by posing naked for the cause.

The Lingerie Football players even took part in a PETA demonstration at Toronto’s Eaton Center earlier this week, the Huffington Post reports. They showed up in their uniforms with signs reading, ”Tackle Cruelty: Bench Fur,” in order to encourage people to not buy fur for the holidays.

“When you wear that fur jacket you don’t ever really think about, “What happened to this animal for me to be putting this on?”-one Toronto Triumph player said in a video.

PETA Campaigner Emily Lavender said in a press statement:

“Wearing fur is a personal foul. With so many stylish, warm, and durable fabrics available today, there’s no excuse for wearing anyone’s skin.”

PETA doesn’t stop with simply criticizing the fur industry and its customers, they also propose some solutions. On their website, PETA’s cruelty-free clothing guide offers tips on how to look trendy without hurting any animals.

Lingerie Football Players naked for new PETA Campaign

For animals sake: Lingerie Football players take part in new PETA campaign.