Coco in See-Through Dress Steeps Out for Dinner with Ice-T

Coco in See-Through Dress Steeps Out for Dinner with Ice-T

Always proud of her assets:Coco in black see-through dress.

She is never shy of showing off her flesh, but last night (02.11.11) bootylicious Coco stepped out for a dinner with her husband Ice-T in a completely see-through dress, wearing nothing under it. When the duo were photographed arriving at Cirpriani Restaurant in New York the 32-year-glamour model showed off a little more than intended.

As the cameras start snapping photos of Coco, the flash made her long black dress less visible as everyone could see-through it. The blondie didn’t seem to care, she was smiling as she walked beside her man. Ice-T also stepped out in an all-black ensemble for the evening matching his wife.

The couple were hosting Halloween party in Sin City last weekend and while the rapper turned up as Hannibal Lecter, Coco donned a revealing PVC basque, with fishnet tights and a red bow tie to head out as a sexy devil. She always leaves little to the imagination whether it is a see-through dress or some tiny sexy underwear. Ice-T must be very proud of her.

Coco in See-Through Dress Steeps Out for Dinner with Ice-T

Coco and her husband Ice-T step out for dinner in New York.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually Dating

Jennifer lopez and Bradley Cooper casually dating

Dating? Jennifer Lopez tried to hide her face from the paparazzi, as she and Bradley Cooper were spotted together again.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez continue to be romantically linked. When the two stars were recently spotted having a cozy little romantic dinner at Per Se in New York, rumors flew fast that they were dating, but both claimed it was just business.

A woman who is said to be no one else but American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was surprisingly shy and hiding, while out with Bradley Cooper on Saturday (15.10.11) She shielded her face as she sat in the passenger seat of the actor’s car as they drove around Los Angeles. He also covered his face but ultimately had to reveal himself to keep his eyes on the road while in control of the jeep.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually Dating

Pick-a-boo...Guess who: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez "casually dating"

Sources told the site that although they are not in a serious relationship and calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, they are spending quality time together.

“After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch. She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh.”-a source told People.

Jennifer Lopez ended her seven-year marriage to Latin singer Marc Anthony earlier this year and they have three-year-old twins Max and Emme. Bradley Cooper was dating actress Renee Zellweger for two years, before ending their relationship in March this year.

Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lopez casually dating

Dating or not they look so good together: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez.

Christina Ricci Covers Manhattan Magazine

Elegant and seductive: Christina Ricci in a photo shoot for Manhattan Magazine

She was just 10 years old when her acting career started, and she knew there was no turning back. And now Christina Ricci is known as one of the calmest, coolest, and most talented actresses in Hollywood. Despite her talent the 31-year-old actress admits she used to suffer from terrible stage fright.

Christina Ricci did a slick photoshoot while talking for Manhattan Magazine (September/October edition).

“When I was younger I had really bad stage fright, and when I got older. I kinda forgot about having stage fright and was more open to doing plays. I felt less scared, but I’m still really scared. I felt less crippled than I have in the past.”-she revealed.

“I loved playing the roles that I did as a child. I’ve always been quite happy with the identity they’ve given me as long as people don’t take that too literally.I think they gave me a great depth of position as an actress from which to start my adult career.”-Christina Ricci added for Manhattan Magazine.

The actress is now busy with her new role in the TV show Pan Am, about a crew of air stewardesses in the 1960s. The show (period drama) is already compared to the highly successful AMC show Mad Men. Christina Ricci recently wrapped work on her next film, Bel Ami, in which she stars alongside Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Robert Pattinson. The September/October edition of Manhattan Magazine is available now.

Christina Ricci covers Manhattan Magazine.

MTV Video Music Awards: Fashion!

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards fashion was all about black, purple and silver, whether is a glittering dress, super short mini-skirt or elegant gown.

Lest see our favorites who sparkled for the event.

Katy Perry (Atelier Versace dress) Miley Cyrus (Roberto Cavalli gown), Beyonce (Lanvin) and Nicki Minaj (over the top crazy)

Beyonce (Lanvin), Kim Kardashian (Kaufman-Franco), Katie Holmes (Alaia), Britney Spears (short black mini) and Selena Gomez (Gothic inspired dress)

Demi Lovato in silver sequin cocktail dress.

Kelly Roland stunning in embellished Falguni & Shane Peacock dress.

Find the intruder: Lady Gaga presented her alter ego Jo Calderone, Beyonce glitters in purple jacket, and Adele in 60s inspired empire waited dress.

Bald Head Take Over: Who’s The Sexiest Bald Celebrity of 2011

Apparently, the hot summer sun has some of our most loved celebrities going bald. That’s right they are shaving off their gorgeous locks and rocking the bald getup. Not sure if it’s really the heat or their new big screen roles. Regardless to the reason, I think I like it! These handsome hunks seem to be able to do no wrong, take a look for yourself.

William Levy, Channing Tatum, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon are just the beginning of the list.
One thing is for sure… Channing has my vote all the way!