Alex Trebek & Prostitute Scandal

This is utterly scandalous for Alex Trebek, who’s managed to maintain under the radar even after so many years of being on television, best known as host of “Jeopardy.”

This how the story goes: Alex Trebek was at a hotel with his wife fast asleep. Meanwhile there was a prostitute named “Lucinda Moyers,” in the same floor which claims she was there to meet a “John” but it was not Alex Trebek, she explains to the police after Alex Trebek chased her down the hotel hallway.

Details on this situation are definitely sketchy. If he was sound asleep why did he suddenly wake from his slumber to chase down a prostitute that was arrested for burglary? Lucinda Moyers (the prostitute) has a lawyer: Mark Jacobs who insists that Alex Trebek is innocent. Why is he defending Alex Trebek so much when he’s suppose to be defending his client that was arrested for burglary?

As of now Mark Jacobs says that there’s no proof that the prostitute ever entered Alex Trebek’s room but can’t explain why he would chase after her to begin with. Could Alex Trebek, his wife and the prostitute been having a threesome and then she tried to rip them off?

It’s unclear of what went on in this hotel room between Alex Trebek and the prostitute. But it sure is curious how the prostitute’s lawyer keeps coming to Alex Trebek’s defense. Isn’t all so odd? What’s  your take on this scandal? Drop your comments and opinion here on Celeb Celeb Celeb!